Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tuesday is Photos Day

Tuesday (or “Tuesdy” as some call it) is an excellent day to show some Scenes From My Life, I just decided.

Or, photos from my phone if you prefer. An iPhone 8 Plus, for those who care about details. 

No promises on how spectacular or fascinating they will be from week to week, it’s more about documenting my life, partly — or mostly — for my own amusement. I will try when possible to get the best quality image each time, using various tricks I’ve learned from decades of photography. And I do have a digital SLR that I rarely use any more ... 

Scene 1

I was outside my office taking out the garbage or something one day last week and happened to look up at the sky and was amazed by the simple beauty of the sky with the Sun behind these clouds. Things to note: deep blue of the sky, the contrast in the clouds from the dark gray in the middle to the bright white at the edges, and the overall richness and brilliance of the colors — all of that was strictly due to the beauty of nature, not some amazing technique I applied, I can assure you.

Glance up at the sky sometimes, you may be surprised

Scene 2

Friday last week I decided to execute on our plans to get a fire table after we looked at them last Fall and again a month or two ago. Home Depot came through for me.

Our new fire table
Our new fire table

Scene 3

This one is from last fall but I wanted to throw it in because 1) several of these were consumed by me around the fire table this weekend and 2) why not, it makes me happy.

Beer I like

Scene 4

This dog ... spotted yesterday on my way home ... he or she was very energetic in the back seat of that small-ish car ... 

Dog enjoys the fresh air, a LOT