Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Torture, for me, is listening to all the tender-hearts yammering about torture

Waterboarding worked wonders, ex-agent says

(1) Terrorist scumbag relents to extreme -- but temporary -- fright and discomfort. (2) Said scumbag wises up, provides details of pending terror plots. (3) American lives are saved.

What's not to like?

I should be concerned because some terrorist prick loser shithead -- who wants to kill free people for sport -- feels like he might drown for a few seconds?

Please. Why should any American think for even a nanosecond about a murdering nihilistic thug, inflamed by the passion of religious zealotry, and instructed by imams to kill non-believers?

Such as, you know, Americans?

So let's review. Terrorist thugs want to kill us, and we have ways to prevent that without causing any lasting physical damage of any kind. Yet even this is too much like torture, so we shouldn't do it.

Many of us are -- quite literally -- more scared of "Global Warming" and conservative religious folk than we are of people who have openly stated they want to kill as many Americans as possible.

This is craziness.

I must have missed the memo. The "please turn out the lights, we're done as a civilization" memo. The one where people decide they don't have the stomach for fighting for their own way of life any more, because life is just so darn comfortable, and they can't be bothered to get tough when tough times call for it. Or because they have no clue what is going in the world re: Islamist terrorism, and comfort themselves with the fiction that it's just a bunch of fear-mongering by evil war-mongering Re-thug-licans.

But apparently, that's where some of us are.

And now those same people are, for whatever reason, doing the bidding of the terrorists in our political process. For if you dismiss out-of-hand the potential value of the gained intel from a technique like water-boarding, you're defending the interests, at any cost, of those who hope to prevent that intel from getting into our hands. The terrorists, in other words.

And that, dear friends, is treason. Look it up: "Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies".

I hate to say that, and I know it is inflammatory, but I don't know what else to call it.

Sure, they're doing it "just" to score political points. We know that. Doesn't matter. There are some lines you don't cross when playing politics.

Treason is one of them.

Americans used to understand that.

But these supposedly "liberal" types crossed that line a long time ago. And I'm still waiting for these "liberals" to publicly condemn the sawing off of heads of live people, or blowing up little kids in suicide bomb misssions. Evil does not come any more readily pre-packaged than that.

Yet, that line they will not cross. A somewhat curious demarcation line, no?

If they can't exploit murder and destruction for political advantage, they offer no opinion at all. Doesn't sound very "liberal" to me.

Yet, show them a murdering terrorist scumbag, and watch them run to his defense. In that sense, Uber-Liberal.

Just depends how useful you are to them.

Plus, they're probably way busy cooking up new ways to criticize our military, our government, and our motives, while excusing the never-ending parade of corruption and incompetence that is the United Nations and all its true believers.

It's nearly a full-time job, I'm sure.