Posting Schedule

Daily Monday - Friday usually by mid-morning (US Central time).

My primary topics are music, history, sports and art but sometimes write about personal things too. Topics are shown by searchable tag on the main page.

Similar to a daily newspaper column, my goal is to crank out content once a day every day M-F and be done with it. It’s just a blog, after all, not a work of art — “don’t overthink it” describes my attitude about this blog and about life in general. 

What is my “why”?

I enjoy writing on things that interest me, without concern for what is popular or “in the news”, and since I want to write something worth reading that inspires me to do research so that I know a little bit about what I’m talking about. Then by formalizing that jumble of thoughts into written words, I learn from it. Hopefully so does the reader.

My hope is that as time goes by, all of this will still have meaning due to my deliberate choice of more timeless topics, with almost no news or politics. Been there, done that.

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