Tuesday, May 11, 2021

A Tuesday Link

Rick Beato “This Song Changed My Life”:

He was bored with his leg in a cast all summer long after 7th grade, and decided to learn this song by America “Never Found the Time” (Spotify) which includes about 15 different chord shapes, many of which he had to figure out on his own because the music book had them wrong. 

That is a lot of chord shapes for one song — most songs only use 4 or 5, max. More chord shapes means more complex and challenging to play, and using minor 7ths, add-9,  suspended chords, etc.

Picking a song like this as your very first song to learn all the way through is a challenge, to say the least. 

It was also played on a 12 string, not a 6 string, which he also had to figure out himself by going to a guitar store and playing the chords on that 12 string, many weeks later. He got that 12 string, by promising his mom not to tell his dad how much it cost ($120 in 1975 was a pretty substantial sum). 

Watch the video to learn the rest.