Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Marvel Mystery Oil

I’ve been noticing some slight hesitation with my 2007 Honda Accord and figured the injectors might need a good cleaning, so I decided to get some fuel injector cleaner on the way home from work Friday. 

I found many many brands at AutoZone but nothing jumped out at me. Then I saw this stuff ... Marvel Mystery Oil?

Hmmm ... says you can add it to your gas to clean injectors and upper cylinders and improve performance with better gas mileage too, plus other important stuff. And, you can add it to your oil to clean and de-gunk the engine.

Pretty impressive. Does all of that? Really?

What’s in it? Who knows! It’s Marvel Mystery Oil! Since 1923. 

I’ve got to buy this stuff and try it. Since 1923! 

So I bought it and went straight to the gas station. The instructions say to use 4 ounces for 10 gallons of gas, so I added the 4 ounces but there was already about a half tank so I just put in a couple more gallons. 

The hesitation is mostly better but not gone. I don’t really track gas mileage with any regularity so that will be difficult to measure. I’ll use it every time I get gas and see how it goes over the next few weeks.

Here’s the promoional video from the website.