Monday, September 06, 2021

Your Youngest Son Only Turns 20 Once

Twenty years ago today our youngest son was born and right now I’m drinking coffee out of this mug he made for me in 2nd grade. 

Happy Birthday son! And you even got a national holiday! 

One of my favorite mugs for several reasons but the main one of course is that he made it for me. I am not big on physical possessions but I love using things every day that mean something to me.  

Twenty is the first milestone age that sounds “adult” after some lesser milestones at sixteen and eighteen that are purely legal in nature (driving, voting) but otherwise not that notable.

I very much remember when I turned 20 and how different it felt when that first digit on your age is a “2” now. 

Neil Young wrote a song about turning 20 called “Sugar Mountain” with a chorus that goes:

Oh, to live on Sugar Mountain
With the barkers and the colored balloons,
You can't be twenty on Sugar Mountain
Though you're thinking that
You're leaving there too soon,
You're leaving there too soon.

A live version: