Thursday, September 23, 2021

Podcast Listening Update: The Plot Thickens

As a followup to a recent Turner Classic Movies binge I searched for a relevant podcast and found “The Plot Thickens”, just started by TCM and host Ben Mankewicz last year.

For season one they chose as their first subject the career of director Peter Bogdanovich. It’s pretty interesting, and so is he. Highly recommended.

It includes not just his life story but also his interviews with legends Howard Hawks, Alfred Hitchcock, John Wayne, Henry Fonda, and Jimmy Stewart from the 1970s. Pretty fascinating stuff.  

Bogdanovich was driven to document Hollywood history from a young age, and grew up in New York City where he saw something like 300 plays and countless movies before he was 18, and then proceeded to earn paying gigs to write movie reviews and articles and create museum exhibits as a teenager. 

His life’s work spans the entire era of Hollywood filmmaking, from his obsession with the history and famous directors from the 1930s - 60s and then his own directing career after that. 

Trailer on YouTube:

Podcast is available on all the usual outlets plus the TCM website and YouTube. 

Here is the Spotify link (I use Spotify for all my streaming of music and podcasts).