Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday Art and Music

The O’Jays “Live From Daryl’s House”

It’s the O’Jays, it’s Daryl Hall and his band, and it’s live from Daryl’s house. 

Any questions? Should be self-explanatory. 

The Ventures, “Perfidia”, 1960

Perhaps I’ve mentioned it before ... this band is amazing. “Perfidia” was written in 1939, a hit in 1940 by Xavier Cugat, and then the Ventures version in 1960 made the Top 20 nationwide — and remember, this is three years before the Beatles. The Ventures were blazing their own trail for years before the British Invastion. That’s not nothing. 

Cezanne, Bibemus Quarry, 1898


Le Fauconnier, Figures, 1913

Happy Friday friends. 

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