Thursday, June 24, 2021

Tommy Lasorda Quote on Your Feelings and How Many People Care About Them

Hint: That Number is Zero

Eighty percent of the people who hear about your troubles don't care, and the other twenty percent are glad you're having them.

Very similar to a quote I often use:  nobody cares about your feelings.

Of course neither one is 100% true but that doesn’t obscure the message, which seems to need reinforcing more and more.

Your feelings, thoughts, inner struggles, emotions, whether you are offended by something or not — those things are yours and nobody else’s. 

Yours. 100% yours. 

You own all of it. And not only that, you have nothing to gain by obsessing over it.

All of that internal “stuff” exists in only one place, your own brain. We do have choices on what we think about, and the way we process events in our lives, and the messages we send ourselves with our thoughts and self-talk. 

It’s tempting to project our own internal “stuff” out onto other people and things, but most of the time, that’s making up excuses for things we could do better, and things we could control. 

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