Monday, November 01, 2021

“Hey Jeff, What Podcasts Do You Like?”

Glad You Asked

Each week I normally listen to a few different podcasts while outside walking, biking, or doing stairs — for some reason I need to be moving while listening to speaking rather than music.

Recently I was “busy with life” for a few weeks and have not listened to many podcasts as a side effect of not getting exercise on a daily basis. A problem on multiple fronts, obviously, that I addressed starting about 10 days ago.

Here are my Top 5 podcasts I listen to the most and what I like about them.

  • The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe - consistently interesting because he’s a great writer and storyteller, and has led a far more interesting life than you can conceive of, produced by his lifelong friend Chuck (I’ve written about this podcast before)
  • City Journal’s 10 Blocks - policy discussions hosted by Brian Anderson of the Manhattan Institute, 20 minutes of smart people talking about important stuff, just intellectual enough to be interesting without pushing me away with esoteric b.s.
  • F1: Beyond the Grid - host Tom Clarkson interviews Formula 1 drivers, team principals, and other important names from today and from the past, he’s a very good interviewer and the guests and stories they tell are 
  • American History Tellers - storytelling about American history, with dramatizations, hosted by Lyndsay A Graham from Wondery, consistently interesting and educational
  • Business Movers - storytelling about business from the past, also hosted by Graham, also consistently interesting and educational 

I will post a list of the next 5 podcasts in a week or so.

Available on multiple platforms — I always use Spotify because I use it for music streaming too.