Monday, August 23, 2021

Look Up At the Sky Once In A While

You May Be Surprised 

Walking out of the grocery store Saturday afternoon around 5pm, I looked up at the sky and saw this, stopped walking, took out my phone and took two photos, in the parking lot, with other people pushing carts and walking to and from their cars.

30 minutes later it rained very hard, for the second time in two hours. But for at least these few moments, this was your reward if you looked up and stopped thinking and just observed with your senses. 

Did you ever notice how many people spend their whole lives only looking ahead, never up, or back, or to the side? Literally and figuratively. 

Seems to me that’s too much living inside your head, focusing on what’s next, checking items off of lists, missing out on beauty happening around you. 

I’m not sure how that is much different from being a mouse on a treadmill. To each their own, I guess.