Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Both 400M (Men’s and Women’s) Hurdlers Destroy World Records

And Silver Medalists Destroy Them Too

Track and Field is a sport where records are broken in tiny increments over many years, as a rule.

But over the last two days at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Karsten Warholm (Norway) and Sydney McLaughlin (United States) both demolished their own world records. 

This basically never ever ever happens. 

In fact in both of these races the 2nd place finisher also broke the world record, both of which were set just weeks ago.

Warholm broke his own world record by 76/100 of a second, in 45.94 (the old record set just weeks ago was 46.70).

Silver medalist Rai Benjamin (U.S.) also demolished that same world record by 53/100 second in 46.17.

In the women’s race the following day McLaughlin broke her own record by 44/100 of a second, in 51.46 (the old record 51.90 was set just weeks ago). 

Silver medalist Delilah Muhammad, also defending Gold medalist from 2016, also demolished that same world record by 32/100 second, in 51.58.

Congratulations to all. Records are made to be broken, and it’s good for the sport. I love watching track events, and greatly respect the athletes, who work so hard to get where they are, and are 100% accountable for the results.

But I have to wonder a little bit just what exactly is going on here.

Men’s 400M Hurdles results

Women’s 400M Hurdles results