Tuesday, July 20, 2021

It’s Tuesday July 20th and It’s Foggy ... Which Is Never Ideal

That means the dew point is higher than (or equal to) the air termperature ... which means it’s humid.

But then you knew that already ... because it’s foggy. 

Anyhoo yesterday was Boat Day which is always fun but we had a bit of rain mid-day so we had to dock the boat for two hours and wait it out. Some days are like that. 

By 7pm it was perfect evening boating weather, calm waters and ideal temperatures and very little wind, but we had to race back to return the rental by 8pm. Some days are like that, too. 

Today is chock full of leisure time activities like sitting by the pool sipping cold beverages, with some driving range mixed in there somewhere. 

Tough gig but someone’s gotta do it. Pray for us. 


Turns out it was not humidity at all but haze from smoke drifting aloft. Kinda gross. Smells like there’s a campfire everywhere.