Friday, April 23, 2021

Woke up late this morning after waking up at the normal time this morning. Wait, what? 

See, normally I wake up around 6am naturally, no alarm needed. This morning I could hear birds chirping outside and looked at my phone: 5:48. Good enough, but still tired so I’ll just lay here and relax a few minutes ... then my wife’s alarm rings and suddenly it’s 7:10. 

Seemed like 15 minutes to me but it was an hour and 22 minutes. Huh.

Coffee making is late. That’s my gig, and always has been, because I wake up first and as James Lileks always says, “I don’t drink coffee to wake up, I wake up to drink coffee”. 

Enough trivia. 

Interesting links you should check out:

Pathogens in One Lesson, Courtesy of Sunetra Gupta - very interesting and informative, key takeaway is “take care of your immune system and don’t obsess about pandemics”

Roquan Smith Awarded Ed Block Courage Award for Chicago Bears - congrats to Smith, who had a great year last year on the field too 

Image above: Van Gogh “ Houses in Auvers” 1890