Tuesday, April 27, 2021

In other streaming news ... Sunday we watched 2 episodes of “The Kominsky Method” with Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. Douglas (Kominsky) is an acting coach and Arkin his agent. 

It’s funny and touching in turns, and has that sense of gravitas from really good old-school actors who know how to deliver their lines and carry a scene. Arkin is one of my favorite comic actors, and Douglas is just good in everything — and have you noticed how much he looks like his dad Kirk Douglass lately? 

Those two legends were the main reason I decided to check out the show. And then it turns out, Nancy Travis is in it as well, and I like her too.

It’s also written and produced by Chuck Lorre, whose comedy genius signature is unmistakable. Pro Tip: If you’ve never watched “Mom” you need to binge that shit. It’s hilarious.

On Netflix, two seasons so far and a third season starting in late May. Here’s the trailer for season one.