Friday, June 07, 2024

Who Sings Lead, Well It’s Not Who You Think


Raise your hand if you too had no idea that the drummer sand lead vocals on the verses, not Frankie Valli…

That drummer is Gerry Polci and he is a fine singer. 

That’s not Valli on the falsetto, either — it’s bassist Don Ciccone. Wikipedia says that music executives came up with the idea to have those two him sing lead and bass player Don Ciccone to sing the falsetto with Valli handling the choruses.

Didn’t know that either!

Imagine a band with such strong singers — your drummer and bass player, no less — that you can make a hit song using legend Frankie Valli as the third featured singer, the equivalent of a hired background singer.

Just an amazing song and it always sounds fresh. Turn it up!