Wednesday, June 12, 2024

And So We Enter the Post-Pat Sajak Era

TV shows come and go and therefore so too do the people in them come and go, into and out of our lives. Most shows only last two or three seasons— maybe six or eight if they are really popular. It’s a very transient world in that way.

It’s an extremely rare show that lasts a decade or longer. 

And then we have Wheel of Fortune and specifically Pat Sajak who hosted the show for 41 years until his retirement this year . His final show aired last Friday.

Pat Sajak became a legend because he is so likable and funny and unassuming and naturally at ease with random strangers that, over time, you as the viewer start to think of him as almost a friend. A guy you are happy to see on the screen. Every night. For over 40 years. 

Here is his farewell message. 

Classy, selfless, genuine.

I loved watching the show and so did my whole family. Time marches on I guess and there will be reruns and a new guy in the fall and I’m sure he’ll be fine.

One thing he won’t be is Pat Sajak.