Friday, May 03, 2024

Final Goodbyes


Background here.

I’m not sure how the details matter a whole lot now, because he’s gone and what difference does any of it make? 

But just to note them for the future….

He’s been very ill for several weeks and we’ve been blessed and amazed that he hung on as long as he did.

He became reclusive — very odd for him, as a social and friendly cat — and completely stopped eating for two weeks or more. 

Then suddenly one Sunday he was revenous, and for a week or ten days continued to eat regularly, although not much. Mostly broth and gravy in the food, since he had difficulty and pain while chewing.

Then last Thursday he became very reclusive again and would not eat or drink. 

Then very early on Saturday morning he started bleeding out from his mouth, and this time it would not stop, and I knew this was going to be the end for him. I tried, we tried, to comfort him in his hour of need, just to be with him and allow him to pass peacefully as possible. It was not as peaceful as one would like.

He passed away at 6AM Saturday morning. We took his body outside on the deck while the birds were chirping. He always loved to watch the birds.