Monday, June 06, 2005

That Giant Sucking Sound

... Is the Sound of Media Removing Lips from Jackson's Ass

I'm literally COUNTING THE HOURS until this stupid Michael Jackson trial is over, so that the media will QUIT TALKING ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME.

Seriously, it's time to retire to the veranda, and have a tall frosty glass of Shut The Fuck Up.

I try to ignore this coverage at every pass. I don't even watch TV news, and I rarely choose to click on any such stories on the 'Net, and I STILL think its way overexposed. Though I wonder if maybe, just maybe, they painted him as a pervert who exploits children, instead of a Big Fluffy Entertainer of Indeterminate Gender and Color, I might have some mild level of interest in hearing what these media whores have to say about it. But they don't, and so, I don't. Big shocker there, I know.

Of course, once the trial IS over, we won't get to read gems like this opening paragraph from a Reuters story of last week:

Prosecutors blast Jackson as pedophile, alcoholic

SANTA MARIA, Calif. (Reuters) - Michael Jackson was portrayed on Thursday as a serial pedophile, an alcoholic and a man obsessed with pornography as prosecutors summed up their child sex abuse case with a blistering character assassination of one of the world's best-known entertainers.

Character assassination? So when a dangerous (alleged) perv, who has been manipulating and molesting children for years, finally goes to trial, and the prosecution makes closing arguments, and lists out all the disgusting details in one session, this is "character assassination" now?

Huh. The media really REALLY needs to extract its lips from Michael Jackson's hind end. Or wherever else those lips might be ...

Were I the editor of that story, I'd have amended it to read "... a nearly unbelievable array of lurid testimony, provided by multiple witnesses, describing various young victims who entrusted their innocence, and therefore their future, to a devious (alleged) pervert."

We've already had to read enough descriptions of fellatio performed by Jackson on his young and trusting victims; we don't need yet more examples of same performed by the media on him.