Thursday, June 02, 2005

Is Your Name "Ima Dumbass", By Chance?

There are few things in this world more frightening than an SUV-driving female yapping on a cell phone. Controlling 6500 lbs. of steel often takes up a bit of the driver's attention, and, let's be honest here, there are lots of women who shouldn't be driving anything more dangerous than a scooter, for all of our sakes.

One of the few things that is more frightening, though, is a punky lesbian driving a Honda with 20 nearly-incomprehensible bumper stickers attached. People who are so proud of their snarky ignorance of how the world works simply amaze me. Why would you think everybody in traffic is desperate to know your views of the military: "Join the Army: Travel to exotic, distant lands, meet exciting, unique people, and kill them" ?

OK, can you really be that stupid?

Oh, right, of course you're that stupid, you have TWENTY BUMPER STICKERS on a fairly new Honda Accord, which renders its nearly devoid of value as a trade-in. But you've got the snarky bumper stickers, so, you know, it's cool.

Fucking Moron.