Saturday, November 17, 2018

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Hank Williams Jr - All in Alabama

A good song in its own right, but listen to the words - this is a true story of how he nearly died falling off a mountainside in Montana, during a difficult time in his life when he was already struggling in his career, doing things he didn't really want to do anyway, like singing his famous dad's music.

During his recovery he realized who his friends were, and how important his family was, and how important it was to be true to your roots, and that he'd better start living his own life right now and quit living the life others had chosen for him.

My favorite verse:

I've done a whole lot of searchin'
A whole lot of hurtin'
Before I finally found
My road in life
You gotta say things you wanna say
Go on and do things your own way
You can climb any old mountain
Once you make up your mind