Thursday, June 08, 2017

Let's Try Leading From The Front, For a Change

British Police Name Two of Three London Attackers as May Calls for Crackdown
LONDON—One of three knife-wielding assailants who killed seven people in a weekend terror attack here was known to security services, authorities said Monday. Neighbors said his zeal for Islamic extremism was broadcast to the nation in a television documentary called “The Jihadis Next Door.”

But police said they had no intelligence suggesting the man, Khuram Shazad Butt, a 27-year-old Pakistan-born British citizen, was plotting violence ahead of Saturday’s rampage.
I think we may have hit upon a flaw in your system, chief.

An individual who is "known to security services", and has even been featured in a movie about jihadis, is a very, very dangerous individual, who should be actively assumed to be plotting something at any given time.

We all know this. It's not challenging or mysterious. This is known as living in the real world.

That's who they are, it's what they do. They admit it freely.

They are happy to die for the cause. Enthused, even.

But Western politicians and other "intellectuals" believe they are too smart for the jihadis, and refuse to acknowledge their own quotes about who they are and what they want, even after the latest London Bridge attack of June 3-4.

Any reasonable person should wonder whose side these "leaders" are actually on.

Not what side they say they're on - what side are they actually on, based on their policies. Because that's all that really matters, in the big picture.

Law enforcement can only do what politicians allow them to do. If politicians decide that official policy is to deny reality, and insist against all available evidence that there is nothing to do but "stand strong" and "unite together" or whatever the latest platitudes may be, then the die has been cast.

Even worse, this position - "we knew they were dangerous, but had no specific intel about their plans so there was nothing we could do" - sets up the conditions for a police state. I.e., if you want safety, we need to spy on everybody, 24x7, to protect you! Obviously, we are already heading down that road, and have been for several years. Feel better yet?

The bottom line is this: our leaders just aren't that interested in defending the nations they supposedly lead.

And the destruction of Western Civilization continues. Can we at least stop helping that process?