Friday, April 06, 2007

Just In Case You're Wondering What Evil Looks Like

This pretty much covers it:

A technique we saw this weekend is we saw a vehicle with two children in the back seat come up to one of our checkpoints, get stopped by our folks. Children in the back seat lower suspicion. We let it move through. They parked the vehicle. The adults run out and detonate it with the children in the back.

A couple of terrorist scumbags in Baghdad, so desperate to break through security checkpoints that they resort to using kids as cover. They get through; then they run from the car and blow it up, with the kids sitting inside.

This is clearly sub-human. What can you say? It's off the charts. There is no degree of evil to which you can "advance" from here.

This happened in March of '07. It is now November.

Yet, that is an official DOD press release I linked up there. Press releases are for, you know, the press.

It's spoon-feeding of pre-packaged news items for reporters.

Yet, no coverage in any mainstream press outlet. Except for this lone Washington Post story, which failed to generate any buzz at all.

And I don't recall any public pronouncements by any brave anti-war politicians on this atrocity. Oh, right, Nancy Pelosi went to Syria to consort with the murderous regime that has been sending terrorists and cash and IEDs into Iraq to blow up our troops. But she meant well.

Where are all the anti-war liberal celebrities and do-gooders on this sub-human behavior? If there is anything that a terrorist can do that can cause liberals in the West to loudly and provocatively condemn them, they apparently haven't yet seen it. Sawing off the heads of live people on video? Nope. Blowing up kids at ice cream parlors? No sir. Using little girls in schoolyards as human shields? Uh-uh.

Yet an overblown frat party like Abu Ghraib gets them all sideways. Self-important twits like Dick Durbin compare our military to Stalin and Pol Pot, yet I don't recall his opinions being offered on any of the multiple victims of beheading. Countless "experts" weigh in on supposed American violations of the Geneva Conventions, and "torture", yet have nothing of import to say when terrorists use civilian cover to blow up innocent people, or to attack our troops, who are risking their own lives to bring freedom to others. And if we have to use the word "torture" to describe sleep deprivation and isolation and 5,000 calorie per day religion-sensitive diets that lead to weight gain, then the word has no meaning, any more.

So, let's just put our cards on the table, for once. All the obfuscation is making me tired. It is self-evident that "anti-war" folks are more interested in the United States losing than in any other possible outcome, regardless of consequence.

This is quite distinct from being "anti-war", or even from being liberal.